Advent Calendar A4 "Winter fun in the village"

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- without glitter -

Advent Calendar A4 with snowscene design - winterly hustle and bustle in the village

Colourful and full of movement - you couldn't have chosen a better title for this Advent Calendar in A4 format: "Winter Hustle and Bustle in the Village". Who is surprised? After all, there's a lot to do in the run-up to Christmas, and of course you have to think of the animals that have a hard time in winter.

An Advent Calendar that will not leave you bored.

Apart from that there is a lot to see in the village during the Christmas season. Not only the splendid shiny Christmas tree, but also the richly decorated windows. Most of the pictures are hidden behind them. So there are many more surprises waiting to be discovered besides the Christmas decorations.

  • Advent Calendar has additional transparent element
  • beautiful light effect

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