Advent Calendar "Little Town"

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This was our first Advent Calendar -

A row of houses on which there is a lot to discover! What is behind all the windows ? With every day in December this village becomes more vivid and colourful. A very special Advent Calendar from the forties of the last century. Enjoy this great, nostalgic atmosphere.

Published in 1946. This was the first Advent Calendar which was available in the USA. The Eisenhower family promoted this Advent Calendar. Probably this is the oldest motif of Christmas Calendars on the market.

You will love to find out what is pictured behind the windows. All back pictures will complete the main picture - it will be like a living scene!

Free standing Advent Calendar with translucent windows. Decorated with glitter. Size about 21 x 69 cm. This Advent Calendar is a very great Christmas decoration. Also available in XXL Postcard size.

Further details you will find on the other pictures.

Eisenhower family with our Advent Calendar

This Advent Calendar will remind you on childhood days !

Also avaliable in Panorama-Midi size


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