A5 sized Advents

Postcard Advents in A5 size

You can set up the Advent calendar in size of A5 just like the small variants and of course you can also add greetings, Christmas gift wishes or little poems. With envelope.

Advent Calendars with large space for Christmas greetings

Our Advent calendars in A5 format are available in many nostalgic motif variants, both with Christian designs and with city or Christmas market views. Every postcard in A5 captivates with very detailed paintings - with the persons or buildings in the foreground as well as the objects in the background.

This is a very special experience for children: they can go on a search for clues with the Christmas motifs and always discover something new. For example, would you have seen the Christ Child at the Nuremberg Christmas Market? The cat that curiously looks down from the roof when you see the motif "Star of Bethlehem"? Or the blackbird jumping merrily around on the snow-covered skylight?

Sellmer's Advent calendars invite you not only to look for the current door every day, but also to search for stories and secrets hidden behind the Christmas motifs.

From colourful to nostalgic

Since our Advent calendars are designed by different graphic artists, there are many different styles. The spectrum ranges from an extremely colourful design to a subdued, wintery atmosphere, which nevertheless spreads a lot of warmth due to the brightly lit windows and lights. So there is something for every taste and preference when it comes to Christmas decorations.

Advent Calendar in A5 size including envelope

Even though writing letters is not very common in times of modern means of communication, the post office has a lot of extra work with letter post in the weeks before Christmas. Because Christmas greetings are still preferably sent by post.

This year, take the opportunity to send your Christmas mail to relatives, friends, customers or business partners a little earlier and combine it with a nice gift for the whole Advent season - with our Advent calendars in A5 format. Each calendar comes with a white envelope so that you have everything except the stamp ready when you buy it.


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Advent Calendar Postcard A5 "At the Farm"

Product no.: 680

Advent calendar card DIN A5 "At the Farm" beautiful, traditional motif for all nostalgia fans

$5.60 *
In stock
Ships within: 1-3 working days

Advent calendar postcard A5 "The holy three Kings follow the Star

Product no.: 659

Advent Calendar card A5 "The holy three Kings follow the Star" beautiful, very realistic scene from the holy land

$5.60 *
In stock
Ships within: 1-3 working days

Advent Calendar Postcard A5 "Bethlehem"

Product no.: 619

Advent Calendar Card size A5 "Bethlehem", high-quality card with plenty of space for your Christmas message

$5.60 *
In stock
Ships within: 1-3 working days

Advent Calendar Postcard A5 "Christmas in Bethlehem"

Product no.: 639

Advent CPostkarten-Adventskalender "Weihnachten in Bethlehem"alendar card DIN A5 "The stable of Bethlehem" beautiful, colourful Advent calendar in oriental style

$5.60 *
In stock
Ships within: 1-3 working days
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